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Webinar: Creating Personalised Recommendations for Beauty Care Online

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Global E-commerce Consumer Study

Read our report - we surveyed multi-generational global consumers to answer some of the most relevant questions in e-commerce today.

Having Conversity’s IGS tool in place has been incredibly powerful in helping us maintain those all-important connections with our customers. With the Skincare Advisor, we feel we’ve empowered our customers to browse, select and purchase products with the utmost confidence, while still retaining the human element of the experience that is so important to our business.

Conversity is key to our personalised customer experience strategy. They have helped us create a friction free journey that has significantly increased NPS and engagement with potential customers.

Thanks to the Conversity tool, we have greater insights into our customers’ behavior, which has given us an extra edge when it comes to launching new products, updating offers or maximizing cross-sell opportunities. This flexibility is integral to the way we operate, and Conversity has ticked all the boxes in this respect.

Our aim was to guide consumers, to simplify their purchase decision. However, the level of data insights that enriches the digital audience preferences with Conversity's IGS tool is amazing.

We Deliver Dynamic E-Commerce Personalization through Intelligent Guided Sales

Brands have found it harder to transfer the in-store experience online, with many finding personalization difficult to deliver. With increasing numbers of customers turning to digital shopping, e-commerce optimization has become critical.

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Process and Pitfalls of Launching Intelligent Guided Sales for Consumer Buying Journeys

We are the global leader in delivering intelligent guided selling (IGS)

By optimizing e-commerce processes, you will recreate the in-store advice and reassurance that a sales advisor provides, personalizing recommendations for your customers based on their real-time relevant needs. When a product range is complex or the choice is overwhelming, e-commerce optimization provides the extra reassurance that empowers customers to have the confidence to buy.

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software-as-a-service solutions

Our platform allows brands to truly personalize the way they sell their products and build customer connections online. We design beautiful, dynamic buyer journeys that draw out customer mindset, needs and preferences, combined to provide customers with relevant recommendations in the moment. Dialling up the brand, improving engagement, conversion rate, and basket size all while delivering strategic insight into consumer interests and behavior.

This is our platform; the smart, interactive, guided selling system

We develop innovative e-commerce personalization solutions that help consumers navigate online purchases and drive your business forward. Optimizing to produce ROI through dynamic online customer journeys, we’ll work collaboratively with you to propel business growth. Our platform is fast and easy to launch. Our solution offers brands:


A digital shopping experience offering the same expert guidance as an in-store advisor.

Fast deployment - go live in as little as four weeks.

A self-contained, AI optimized experience that fully integrates with your existing e-commerce / web platforms / CRM / CDP.

Seamless integration to your brand, through expertise, best of breed UI and multiple deployment options.

The introduction of complimentary products personalized in real-time for every visitor based on their age, budget, needs and mindset.

Data-driven product recommendations to educate your customers, driving conversion and developing brand loyalty.

The ability to create simple customer journeys, reducing friction and optimizing conversion.

Enhanced e-commerce personalization through the integration of sensor data.

APIs to allow CRM, GA, reviews and CDM data to be integrated into the journey.

Provide real-time buyer intent data, insights, and key metrics.

Helping businesses across industries to maximize the potential in guided sales

We are e-commerce optimization specialists with a focus on delivering measurable business results based on the e-commerce customer journeys we create, whatever the sector. We’ve helped leading brands:

  • Increase conversion rates by 5X
  • Enhance customer engagement by 6X
  • Drive greater customer satisfaction and loyalty with NPS increases of 10%
  • Generate stronger up-sell and cross-sell by 3X of complimentary products and services
  • Deliver 100% ROI in days


In a crowded industry, Intelligent Guided Selling simplifies an often over-complex offering and experience. You’ll build a better relationship with your customers to enhance brand loyalty and conversions with an improved personalized online shopping experience.

How we can help


Stay ahead of evolving customer expectation and drive-up conversions with an effective customer engagement platform while delivering an exceptional online customer journey. Simplify consumer experience through tailored recommendations.

How we can help


Protect and promote your brand’s image and consistency of message across third party sites and touch points with our powerful e-commerce optimization.

How we can help
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Create a Better Online Customer Journey Today

In an ever-evolving landscape, standing still isn’t an option in today’s world. Our aims are clear: to personalize the online purchase experience, drive increased sales performance in terms of conversion rate and upsell, while also providing strategic insight into your customer. Let us help you enrich your online customer journey through e-commerce personalization today.

What Makes Conversity Different?

Recognizing your customer needs and the significance of their mindset ‘in the moment’ is vital to replicating the sales, brains, and personality of an in-store brand experience for your digital channels. Our intelligent guided selling platform actively drives promotions using real-time and historical purchase data so that it knows when to add that all-important cross-sell or upsell.


We achieve personalization and real-time relevance together to drive conversions.


Customer centricity is at the heart of what we do; IGS helps our solution be customer, not product, focused.


We offer access to a wealth of retail online customer journey expertise.


Intelligent sensor data is used to enrich and enhance recommendations including sustainability ratings based on preferences, reviews, location, weather, and stock information.

Real-time data

Real-time buyer intent data and insights presented through our user-friendly dashboard, highlighting journeys that have the highest ROI, as well as recommending improvements.

Find out more about our pricing and how we can help achieve success for your brand today.

Let’s find out what we could do for you with E-Commerce Optimization

Our team are experts in guided selling – with over 10 years of combining leading-edge tech expertise with the changing needs of customers that will drive customer satisfaction and conversion. We are eager to share our expertise with you and look forward to hearing your ideas and challenges for improving the online experience for your customers.

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