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Experience, ease, and quick integration

Our IGS platform is cloud-based and as such works seamlessly with existing IT systems. You can start small, or roll it out across the entire business, our expert team will help with deployment, data enhancement and readiness.


Conversity's knowledge drives customer loyalty

Conversity was created by industry and tech experts in multichannel telco and retail, with a passion for driving business performance through improved customer experience. Find out more about how we can help you.

Platform and device agnostic

IGS meets your customers on mobile, tablet, desktop, kiosk and call centre. Our platform is quick and easy to get up and running, with prebuilt best practice journeys and more bespoke options too.

Quick time to market

No stressful integration process means you can have IGS supporting operations faster than you might think.

High configurability

Which allows you to address changes quickly and in a way that’s cost effective.

Peace of mind

Reliable SLAs and secure accreditations, means you can rest assured customers data security is treated as priority.

Benefits of using our platform


Drive KPIs

Providing journeys focused on cross-sell/upsell techniques and bundles just right for them.

Customer insights

Enrich your campaign planning with knowledge of customer motivations.

Improve NPS scores

Getting customers to the right decision faster breeds satisfaction. We have a proven track record in boosting NPS scores.

Streamline to conversion

Better customer understanding boosts order values and entices recommendations.


Our algorithm is smarter; it combines personalisation with real-time relevance. Customers convert more based on historical behaviour.

Device agnostic

Whatever the channel, your customer gets the ultimate experience, tailored with real-time relevance to their mindset in the moment.

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We are Conversity – the Intelligent Guided Selling experts

We offer omni-consistent, easily integrated and configured technology that uses current customer motivations with personalisation. For a journey presenting relevant recommendations and add-on opportunities, for your customer at that moment.